Welcome to The Waterfront Medical Centre, Clonakilty, West Cork.

Our services

Women’s Health

We are happy to advise patients of the different types and use of all different contraceptive methods. This includes counselling and insertion of intrauterine devices e.g. Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess, Copper coils, and the implant Implanon. If needed the Emergency contraceptive pill (morning after pill) can also be prescribed.

From fertility investigations and pre-conceptual advice, to combined antenatal care with our local maternity services and care for you and your newborn after their birth, we are happy to be with you throughout your pregnancy experience and beyond. If you think you are pregnant please make an appointment with one of our doctors, and we will advise you with regards applying for the ‘Mother and Infant Scheme’ through the HSE, and referral to the appropriate maternity services.

Sexual health, cervical screening, breast checks, menopausal symptom management, and prevention and treatment of osteoporosis are all part of what we do.

Services provided:

Family Planning, Insertion of IUDs (hormone and copper coils), breast check, cervical smears, menopause, osteoporosis.

Our practice is part of the national CERVICAL CHECK programme.

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